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ETwang mod is a mod for Enemy Territory©

Mod Creator: Wang Chung


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This link leads to a gaming mod that I started in the spiring of 2003.

I have not made any updates to the mod, which works with patch 2.55 (change-log), since winter 2003.

I have since then put ETwang mod on the back burner due to school, and work.
I may or may not complete the ETwang mod in it's entirerty but I do wish to bring it up to date
with the most recent ET patch (which is 2.60).

ETwang Mod

The link below are for some of the pages I host for an Enemy Territory Gaming Group.

Grim Reapers a gaming group of Enemy Territory © Hulligans

I also "Host" my own personal Anoymous public FTP of Various Linux Operating System amongst other softwares I find useful.

Feel free to check them out by either one of two ways.
1) (http)
2) (ftp) via Filezilla
Please read the following to help connect to you to my ftp via FileZilla README.html

Some of the contents of this page are still under construction!
Contact: Web Master
Last Update: 1st Feb 2008
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